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First, it must be said that out of the many species of pest in existence only a few are covered with in these pages. We have chosen the most common pests that you may encounter in your daily routine. If your pest is not shown, or you are unsure in any way, then our expert technician will be able to identify it at the time of your visit.

The correct identification of any pest is all important, especially when deciding upon a course of treatment. There are many different pests, some large, some small and some that are microscopic. The larger pests are usually easily identified; rodents for example can be distinguished by size. Large rodent = rat (possibly). Small rodent = mouse (possibly). Smaller pests can be a little harder; the difference between a common dust mite and a poultry mite can only be seen through a microscope. Our technicians are experts in pest identification, and will usually diagnose the problem straight away, however sometimes identification can only be diagnosed via our laboratory, a service which we provide free of charge.





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