Why pest control?

Why we need pest control.

There are easily more than one million species of insect, four thousand five hundred species of mammals, eight thousand six hundred species of birds and fifty thousand spiders in this world. So, it is not really surprising that some of them have become known as pests, but in comparison with the high number of different creatures there are, only a relatively small number are described as pests.


Pests are opportunists, they are also non discriminating, they don’t care how you look, where you live or whether your rich or poor; if the opportunity arises they will take advantage of any situation.


They need food, harbourage and water, so the fast pace of modern life actually helps to promote the situation and aids the pest. Fast food litter, open recycling bins, fly tipping and extensive travel, are all helping to make things worse. We have almost given the pests an invitation to enter our lives. They carry diseases and can contaminate and cross contaminate food and preparation surfaces. They can cause damage to property and belongings along with fear and stress. Councils no longer take responsibility or deal with the problems in their boroughs.


Health and safety, hygiene, environment and personal wellbeing are everyone’s responsibility. Ever increasing legislation and species with certain treatment tolerances creates a situation where expert knowledge of behaviours and life cycle is crucial in removing and controlling pests.

Make the choice of choosing a professionally qualified person who’s friendly, polite and has a good reputation for getting the job done with as little fuss as possible. If you’ve got a pest problem, get in touch by phone if you need to discuss your situation quickly, or email to get a quote.


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